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Workplace Yoga and Wellness Programs

Workplace Yoga and Wellness in Abu Dhabi

Your overall Company Performance depends on the performance of your key assets – your Employees. Healthy and Happy employees are more confident, energetic and productive.

We work with Abu Dhabi based companies to help them implement onsite Yoga and Workplace Wellness programs. The Programs we offer are in line with the UAE Vision 2021 and the National Programme for Happiness and Positivity. 

We bring to you:

  • Desk Yoga Programs: 20-30 minutes of Yoga at your desk where there is no need to change clothes, helps with relieving neck and shoulder tension, back pain, reducing stress and embracing positive outlook on life;

  • Workplace Yoga Programs: 30-60 minutes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Asanas, Pranayama, Guided Meditation and Relaxation) suitable for beginners, sufficient floor place is required and participants must change clothes; Much deeper practice, more holistic approach, recommended at least twice per week;

  • Chair Yoga Workshops: 30-45 minutes of therapeutic Chair Yoga for those with reduced mobility, overweight, physical trauma or for mixed classes where no change of clothes is required;

  • Mindfulness Meditation Sessions: 20-30 minutes of Pranayama (breathing techniques), gentle stretches, mindfulness techniques and guided Mindfulness Meditation practice;

  • Healthy Food Workshops: 30-45 minutes demonstrating healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes for packed lunches or breakfasts, easy to recreate at home, advise and tips on heathier choices, introduction to Superfoods and Holistic Nutrition;

  • Yoga and Wellness Staycations and Retreats: A great way to reward a well performing team, or treating your employees for a one day, a weekend or a week of Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Food and Complete Relaxation.

We recognise that each Company is unique and we aim to offer a cost-effective tailor made approach to create a Healthy and Happy work environment. Healthy and Happy Employees are more productive and cost effective, and as a special offer, we are happy to present to your employees one complimentary session of choice.

Incorporating the Corporate Wellness programs into your company is a proactive step in investing in your “intellectual capital”, which translates to healthier and wealthier employees and prosperous organisation!

Contact us today to discuss how to best implement the Corporate Yoga and Workplace Wellness program at your office!