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Transformational Program

4 Week Transformational Weight Loss Program

Embark on a unique journey to a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life!

This is no ordinary weight loss program, we do not count calories, do not starve, do not undergo crazy booth-camp workouts! What we do are sustainable lifestyle changes. We focus on 3 areas:

                   1. Yoga
                   2. Mindset 
                   3. Holistic Nutrition

Small group of 4 students, a total of 16 hours of personal coaching plus extra 4 hours recorded personalised Yoga practice, plus 20 Guided Meditation audios, plus 20 nutritional recipes.

Awareness - Action - Practice - Mastery are the themes for each week.

During this 4 weeks you will learn ancient Yogic tools and techniques to relieve stress, detoxify the body, boost digestion and metabolism, burn fat. You will also learn how to transform your mindset - change existing limiting beliefs, self sabotaging perceptions and though patterns, take control over your life and start creating the reality you want and deserve. We will also dive into the Holistic Nutrition strategies to nourish and maintain super healthy body and mind.

We will meet every week for 4 weeks for a 4 hour workshop to learn how to deal with stress and anxiety using Pranayama (breath techniques), practice a specially designed 1 hour and 30 minutes Yoga class, relax with guided meditation and visualisation, have group discussions, go deep into our subconscious mind and transform patterns and perceptions around food and body image. With hands-on food preparation session we will learn Holistic Nutrition strategies and how to easily incorporate nutritionally dense food in our diet. Subtraction by addition - naturally eliminating the unhealthy, processed junk food by adding life, vibrant, delicious and nutritious meals!

In between the workshops, you will receive once a week a tailor made Yoga session video especially designed for you to practice at the comfort of your home, you will receive daily Guided meditation audios, and a meal plan recipe to fully support your transformation. You will also be added to our secret Wellbeing Support group where you will get even more information, inspiration, exchange ideas and get an ongoing, life time support on your journey to a higher self!

If you are committed to improve your health, wellbeing, love life, and transform every singe area in your life, this is the program for you!

Contact [email protected] or 0566020690 for more information and cost.