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Raw-Yoga Workshops

Raw-Yoga Workshop

Raw-Yoga is a combination of 1 hour Vinyasa Yoga practice, followed by hands on Raw Food workshop where we will prepare yummy raw recipes and share information on the benefits of raw living. Here is how one of our Raw-Yoga Workshops went:

 It was a great morning, wonderful to meet old and new friends, all interested in ways to improve/maintain their good health! :)

Yoga by the pool in a windy Friday morning was very refreshing, and made us all hungry and ready for the yummy part of the workshop. 

Today on the menu were delicious Raw Lasagne and mouthwatering Chocolate Truffles. While the teams were preparing the various layers for the pasta dish, we were munching on some delightful Beetroot and Carrot Flax Crackers, and Caramelised Apples, all raw of course! :))) 

The Raw-Yoga event finished with Forks Over Knives, an amazing documentary based on the China Study explaining the importance of a plant based diet and how it can help with fighting cancer, diabetes and other life threatening diseases. One of my favourite movies! :)) 


Thank you all Raw-Yogis for coming, you can find the recipes HERE, and if you have any further questions, please so not hesitate to contact me!

Would you like to join us next time? Check our CALENDAR to see when the next workshop will be, or send me a MESSAGE.