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Raw Ice cream bites

Wonderful, refreshing summer bires - dairy free!


3 small or 2 big Bananas

1 Raw vegan chocolate bar 

OR make your own raw chocolate:

1/3 cup melted Coconut Butter

1 TBsp Raw Cacao Powder

1 Tbsp Agave or other sweetener

Chop bananas into bite sizes. Dip them in melted raw vegan chocolate, or make it yourself-melt coconut butter, add raw cacao powder and a bit of sweetener of choice, mix until smooth.

Dip the banana bites in the raw chocolate, pierce them with toothpicks through the middle to pick them up,  and roll in chopped pistachios. 

Put in the freezer, wait a few hours and occasionally cool down with those amazing healthy bites! :))))