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Raw Food

Raw/Living Food - the key to radiant, vibrant, happy and healthy life!

Here are the basics in a nutshell, though simplified for easy understanding. 

A raw foodist is someone that eats 75-100% living, nutritionally-dense organic uncooked and unprocessed food (and drinks pure, live water), that optimizes ones health by alkalizing their body. 

When you consume mostly raw food, your elimination system can get rid of toxins more efficiently. But when you eat more cooked food, you are consuming acidic toxins faster than your body can eliminate them so they build up, disrupting your body's delicate acid/alkaline balance, a major cause of excess weight and disease. Heating food above 118 degrees F (around 60 oC) causes the chemical changes that create acidic toxins, including carcinogens, mutagens and free-radicals associated with diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancer. Cooking also destroys the live enzymes that aid in digestion and health.

Two common myths are that eating raw is expensive and that it takes a lot of time to prepare. Nothing could be further from the truth! When you do it correctly, a raw food diet is actually one of the easiest, most convenient and most economical ways you can live! Remember, raw foodists eat mostly organic food, which is 80% to 300% more nutritionally dense, loaded with available electrons/energy. As your body learns to absorb this additional nutrition and energy you'll be less hungry, getting more energy from what you do eat, and eat less. This ultimately can reduce your food costs, as well as your health care costs, far below what is was when you were eating empty calories filled with the acidic toxins. Raw, living food, spring water and body movement is the ultimate health care plan!

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