This is a recipe for a delicious Raw Spelt and Avocado dip – bursting with nutrients and very filling. I normally eat it with carrot ticks, pepper, radish, cucumber sticks, french beans, cauliflower chunks or any other vegetables I have available.
1/2 cup Spelt (organic if you can find), cover it with water and soak overnight;
1 large Avocado
Bunch of rocket leaves, parsley and basil (basil is important because it gives a very nice flavour to the dip)
1 kale leave (you can also use spinach or any other dark green leaves that you have available)
1 small onion (provided you don’t have a hot date later on ;)))
Salt to season (use Eden, Cornish or Celtic sea salt)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1-2 table spoons water
Put all ingredients together and blend with lots of love :)). If the consistency is very thick, put a bit more water until nice and soft, but not runny. Taste it and add salt or lemon juice if required. It should be very, very nice!
Have it with vegetable sticks or wholegrain pitta bread/chapatti. Yuuuummmmyyyy!
You can also make this recipe with soaked over night buckwheat instead of spelt. The most important thing is to experiment and have fun! :))

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