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Mum and Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga

Practicing baby yoga is a great way to heal and get your body back after pregnancy & labour. Just as importantly, yoga practice provides your baby with foundations in body awareness while offering the stretching and strengthening that all little ones need. Our Mum and Baby Yoga practice includes massage, holds, stretching, signing and rhymes, integrated Mum and Baby yoga asanas, Postnatal Yoga asanas for the mums and joint baby-mummy relaxation.

Baby yoga helps to attune to your baby’s needs and to calm or stimulate them as appropriate with a sense of security and well-being. It is beneficial for all babies, you don’t need to practice yoga or even know anything about yoga to get started with your baby. From Birth babies respond positively to the stimulation of movement and touch together. Jon us for our next session at Hallabolou every Wednesday at 10am.

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Mum and Baby Yoga class Abu Dhabi
Mum and Baby Yoga Class Abu Dhabi