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About Anaadi Yoga

Who is behind Anaadi Yoga

Neli (RYT 500), a mother of two and the founder of Anaadi Yoga, Made With Love Organics, Holistic Health & Radiant Beauty Meetup & Raw-Yoga Meetup Abu Dhabi is a passionate yogi, raw living food advocate, natural cosmetics alchemist and a holistic health specialist - always striving to learn, share, unite and inspire.

Neli is a fully certified Yoga teacher, including Prenatal, Postnatal and Mum & Baby Yoga, Raw Food Nutrition specialist and a Master of Holistic Health.

She began her in-depth Yoga journey (200 YTT) under the experienced guidance of Devadas Vasudevan, the Founder and the Director of Ananda Swaroopa Yoga. After nearly 6 months of intensive training, on a clear Friday morning, Neli taught her first Yoga class, and realised that inspiring, guiding and supporting people blossom into their higher Self is her mission in life. She continued her advanced Yoga journey (300 YTT) with Dice & Briohny (Bryce Yoga) and Claudine and Honza (YogaBeyond) who introduced her to a modern twist on the ancient practice. 

Along with Neli’s Yoga practice, her diet evolved following Ayurvedic wisdom, diving into David Wolfe’s Raw food nutrition training, embarking on a Holistic Health Mastery Certification journey with Ronnie Landis, and Diet and Nutrition Advisory Course, Neli is on a path of endless learning, exploration and experimentation.

Neli brings energy, humour and philosophy to every class that she teaches. She believes in the uniqueness of each individual and aims to provide personal guidance to students so that they find their own transformational path to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This is what she has to say about AnaadiYoga and her teachings:

"‘Anaadi’ is a sanscrit word that means Eternal, something with no beginning or an end. Eternal, unbroken happiness and peace is what I aspire for my students to realise in their life through Yoga and Healthy Lifestyle. Just like the symbol of Anaadi Yoga – the Blossoming Lotus Flower, I aim for my students to rise above the murky darkness of the pond, bringing beauty and light, love and compassion, gratitude and forgiveness to themselves and others, thus finding the path to Eternal Happiness.

This notion is in the core of my teachings and practice in which I use a combination of Asanas (yoga poses), Pranayama (breathing), Relaxation, Meditation, Guided Visualisation, Positive Thinking, advice on Healthy food and use of Natural Cosmetics and Essential Oils to facilitate the journey to optimal happiness, health and well-being".

Stay healthy!